Sarah Clifford Illustration

Illustrated medicine and biology notes by Sarah Clifford

The official website of Sarah Clifford Illustration - illustrated video tutorials by postgraduate medical student and biology tutor Sarah Clifford.

Thanks for visiting my website. Please see below some answers to frequently asked questions!

Want to collaborate?

Yes! I'm always open to collaborations. Please send me an email by clicking here, with "Collaboration" as the subject.

Do you take commissions?

Yes! I have worked on a range of projects to date, from anatomy and physiology textbooks, online resources for medical education, infographics, business guides, and portraits. I am always open to new opportunities. Please send me an email by clicking here, with "Commission" as the subject.

Where can I download, print, or buy your notes?

You can access my notes via my store page!  I'm working on creating content which I intend to make available as soon as possible so please check back soon!

Tienes tus apuntes y videos traducidos en español? Do you have your notes/videos translated into Spanish?

Por ahora, no tengo material en español. For the moment, I don't have any material in Spanish. 

What equipment do you use for your digital illustrations?

I use the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. For traveling and lectures, the 9.7" is the perfect size for me as it is small, light and easily slips into my bag. For the illustrated video tutorials, or dual screening, the 12.9" offers a larger surface for drawing and viewing.

What apps do you use for your illustrations?

The main app I use for my digital illustrations is Savage Interactive's ProCreate app. I also use a mixture of the Adobe Creative Cloud mobile apps, such as Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch,  and Comp CC.

How do you record your illustrated video tutorials?

To record my illustrated video tutorials, I attach the iPad Pro to a MacBook Pro and record the screen using QuickTime. I then import this into Premiere Pro CC and upload to YouTube!

Please would you help me with my university work?

As a final year medical student, my time is extremely limited, so unfortunately I am not able to help on an individual basis. However, one way I can help, is through my illustrated video tutorials, which are my way of making complicated information easier to digest! You can find these split out by subject at the top of the page under Video Tutorials.

What pens and paper do you use for your notes?

I use Staedtler triplus fineliners and regular A4 printer cartridge paper.

My notebooks are Moleskine with plain pages.

When do you take your notes? In lectures, or after?

The colourful notes you've seen on my Instagram are usually created after a lecture. During a lecture, I just use a pencil to create illustrated notes, but the most important thing is to keep up with the pace of the lecture and not miss any important information! This skill develops with practice and often a picture is faster than writing words in this context. It makes more sense for me to take the information I hear and turn it into something visual to put onto my page as this makes me more likely to remember it. 

How much does it cost to subscribe to your website?

Nothing - it's free!