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My First Blog Post!

           Right - I'll start by saying that I'm very unfamiliar with the concept of blogging. What am I doing? I'm well out of my comfort zone. Awkward feelings aside, I thought that this might be quite a nice way for me to introduce myself to you all a little less formally!

           I'm Sarah. I'm a 26 year old girl as of 3 weeks ago (...the age part, not the girl part). I'm on the final leg of my third year of graduate medical school at the University of Southampton, England, and next year is my final year (...!!!!!!!!!!!). I did my first degree in Biology at the University of Bath, which feels like a lifetime ago now. I definitely feel like I've learned a lot since then, though I'm fairly certain my head is still physically the same size. It amazes me how that happens. What was even in my skull before?

                     Anyway, medicine, as I'm sure many of you know, is a completely different ball game. It's also a whole other language. Had you asked me three years ago what clubbing was, I'd have said something about bright lights, loud music and busting moves. Now, I'd tell you that it's a deformity of the nails most commonly associated with lung disease. 

Finger Clubbing

          I must have learned more new words during this degree than I did in the first ten years of my life. Seriously, you could make a Rosetta Stone language course for Medicine. That would be quite helpful actually (Rosetta, if you're listening...).

            I'm lucky enough to live with three great friends who are also course mates, and we often unintentionally practice our speaking and listening skills in this mystical language without taking a break to speak in English. It's particularly noticeable when a non-medical friend or loved one comes around and is subjected to conversations where every other word ends in "-ectomy" or "-itis". On the plus side, I feel like my boyfriend, Sam, has probably passively learned enough medicine through conversational exposure to get me through any health crisis that may occur while lost in a jungle or stranded in a desert on our travels. He has no science background, but yesterday he made reference to the keratinocytes of the skin! I felt a mixture of guilt and pride.

Sarah Clifford Illustration Blog

         I suppose the majority of you reading will have found this through seeing my illustrations! That's a bit of a joy of mine. Drawing to learn is something I've been doing for almost ten years now, and since I started sharing my pictures on Instagram and Facebook about a year and a half ago, I've been absolutely flattered and amazed by how many of you have liked them and found them useful! That's what's led me to set up this website, really. So a massive thank you to all of you - seriously! Otherwise they would still be sat piling up on my desk.

Sarah Clifford Illustration Logo

           At the moment I'm starting to work on some videos to get up on the website. You may have seen a few already! Like I've said before, please give me any feedback you have on these! I want them to be as clear and as useful as possible, and you lot are the best at knowing how to achieve that.

            I think that's about enough from me this time. I'm hungry. I'll be uploading again in not too long, I'm sure. Thanks for having a read and checking out my medical doodles!

Have a great weekend, everyone!